Listed are some commonly asked questions and the answers:
Q. Is there a summer commitment with athletic teams?
A. It depends on the sport. Most teams will have workouts during the summer. Summer schedules will be posted to this website prior to June 1st.
Q. What is the season for each sport?
A. Fall Sports: (mid August thru mid Nov.) Football, Boys Water Polo, Girls Volleyball, Girls Tennis, Girls Golf, Boys & Girls Cross Country.
Winter Sports: (mid Nov. thru mid Feb.): Boys & Girls Basketball, Boys & Girls Soccer, Wrestling, Girls Water Polo.
Spring Sports: (mid Feb. thru mid May): Coed Badminton, Baseball, Softball, Boys & Girls Swimming, Boys Tennis, Boys Volleyball, Boys Golf, Boys & Girls Track.
Q. Do students receive PE credit for participating on an athletic team?
A. Yes, students that participate in a complete sports season earn 5 PE credits.
Q. What is the time commitment for each sport?
A. During the season of sport, teams usually practice 2 hours per day, 5 days per week.
Some teams practice after school while others practice in the early evenings. Also, some teams hold Saturday workouts. Practices during the competitive season are mandatory.
Q. Is it possible to play two sports?
A. It usually is not possible to play two sports during the same season. However, it is very possible to play two or three sports during the school year. If students play more than one sport, during the summer, you can workout with each team. The coaches will help set up a schedule where your time is shared with each team.
Q. Does a student need to be proficient in a sport to tryout?
A. High school athletics is competitive athletics.  All students are encouraged to tryout for a sport for which they have an interest. Not all students that tryout earn a spot on the team.  The level of proficiency varies with each sport. Most sports have different levels such as varsity and jv that allow for participation by students with varying proficiency levels.
Q. Is it possible to participate in Athletics and be a member of the Band?
A. Yes. It can work out. Band competitions and athletic competitions sometimes fall on the same day. When this happens please communicate with both programs in advance to determine what event you will attend.