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Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

South Pasadena High School students are grown locally to make a positive impact globally, deep into the 21st Century.
Our Vision:
South Pasadena High School students develop the academic and interpersonal skills that help them make a positive impact as global citizens.  Staff, parents, and the community provide the supportive environment in which students achieve their personal bests.

School Tenets:

South Pasadena High School is committed to the following propositions: 

1) All students are entitled to an interdisciplinary educational foundation.

2) All students see themselves as productive and responsible global citizens. 

3) All students are critical thinkers, self-advocates, and resilient problem-solvers.

4) Diversity enriches our campus life.

5) Students benefit from a nurturing environment.

6) Students construct meaning through collaboration and interaction with others.

7) Students become lifelong learners when exposed to a wide range of ideas and disciplines. 

8) A growth mindset inspires students to discover and manifest their untapped potential. 

9) All students recognize the value of respectful disagreement. 

10) Students are taught healthy and ethical living.

11) Students take responsible risks in creativity and innovation.