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South Pasadena High School

1401 Fremont Ave., South Pasadena, CA 91030

Counseling Office (626) 441-5820 Extension 2994

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Janet Anderson 

Assistant Principals

Mrs. Janet Wichman, Mr. David Speck 


Ms. Maria Long, Ms. Tracy Ishimaru, Mrs. Olinda Cazares, Ms. Marylin Garcia, Ms. Nan Ng


Ms. Angelica Madrigal 


South Pasadena High School is a public, coeducational, 4-year institution located in a relatively small community of approximately 26,000  people, 10 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. The community prides itself on a close supportive relationship with its schools. Both encourage diversity, high academic achievement, and the enhancement of the talents and achievements of individual members.   The school maintains a traditional 2 semester calendar, as well as a varied and well-attended summer school offering. The co-curricular program is extensive, ranging from athletics to theater, music, community projects, and numerous clubs of interest.  Over three-fourths of the student body participates in at least one co-curricular program.  The school uses an alternating day block schedule with 100-minute periods to provide teachers and students with time to engage deeply in academic and technical subjects.    The school continues to meet on the same site since its founding in 1907.   The current enrollment is approximately 1,489 students. This year’s senior class is approximately 352 students. The school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and has maintained an outstanding record of accreditation throughout the school’s existence.  South Pasadena High School continues to pursue opportunities that will take our students “deep into the 21st Century.


Graduation Requirements


Graduates must complete 220 credits, including the following courses:

  1. English Literature and Composition          4 years
  2. Mathematics          2 years
  3. Science          2 years
  4. Additional complete year of mathematics or science          1 year
  5. Social Studies          3 years
  6. Fine Arts or Foreign Language          1 year
  7. Physical Education (includes 1 semester of Health)          2.5 years
  8. Personal Skills (including Practical Arts)          1 year
Additionally, students must complete 45 hours of community service.

Grading and the Calculation of GPA: non-weighted

Grading is done on a traditional letter grade system. Grades in all courses are unweighted, an A=4, B=3, C=2, etc.  There is no percent equivalent used for these grades.  We do not rank students.  Academic grade point average on the transcript includes only work completed at South Pasadena High School. Work completed at another high school needs to be added in and recalculated.  

Honors Courses/Accelerated : English:  English 10H, English 11H Social Studies: World History H, US History H Mathematics: Math I+, Math II+,  Math Analysis H, Math III+ Spanish:   Spanish 3-4H, Spanish 5-6H French:    French 3-4H, French 5-6H, French 7-8H Chinese:  Chinese 3-4H, Chinese 5-6H, Chinese 7-8H Science:   Chemistry H


Advanced Placement: English Literature and Composition, English Language and Composition, U.S. History,  Government and Political Science, Calculus AB/BC, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics Course 1, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Computer Science A, Studio Art, Spanish Language, French Language, Chinese Language                


In 2016, 467 candidates took 987 Advanced Placement tests, with 86.9% scoring 3 or better. The number of Advanced Placement enrollments continue to increase while the mean score of 3.73 continues to be above the state, national and global comparable groups. Throughout the course of a student’s four years at SPHS, an average of seventy percent of students enroll in four or fewer AP courses but close to 80% are accepted into four year universities.  As a school, we consider that three Advanced Placement classes, within an overall academic and co-curricular program, to be “most rigorous.”


College Test Scores:  CEEB Code: 053410


SAT                                                             Verbal: Critical Reading          Writing        Math

2015 - 2016

(209 test takers)




2014 - 2015

290 test takers




2013 - 2014

(292 test takers)





ACT         English          Math       Reading Science        Composite         

2015 - 2016

(150 test takers)






2014 - 2015

126 test takers






2013 - 2014

(105 test takers)







National Merit

The class of 2017, has  7 National Merit Semifinalists and  21 Commended Scholars. The class of 2016, had  8 National Merit Semifinalists and  31 Commended Scholars.  The class of 2015, had 8 National Merit Semifinalists and  24 Commended Scholars. The Class of 2014 had 11 National Merit Semifinalists and 23 Commended Scholars.  The Class of 2013 had 6 National Merit Semifinalists and 25 Commended Scholars.  

College Attendance of Graduates

Graduates of South Pasadena High School strive to further their education.  Looking at graduates who were not enrolled in Special Day Class core subjects, 79% percent of graduates with the class of 2016 completed their A-G requirements.  More than 68% of the Class of 2016, planned to attend 4-year colleges and universities immediately after high school.  Another 30% planned to attend community colleges, vocational training schools, or join the military while 3% percent of the graduates indicate that they would be working or taking a gap year before resuming further formal schooling.