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Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

South Pasadena High School graduates are students who have met the graduation requirements established by the South Pasadena Board of Education and...

Think and produce in a variety of ways                                                                                                               

  • think critically     
  • think creatively
  • solve problems
  • apply knowledge set and reach goals
  • work cooperatively
  • work individually
  • develop disciplined work habits
  • generate quality work

Communicate effectively

  • verbally
  • visually
  • in written form


Are resourceful

  • access, analyze, and synthesize information from a variety of sources
  • use technology effectively to accomplish meaningful tasks
  • engage in reflective, mindfulness strategies to promote a balanced well-being


Are responsible and accountable

  • Realize and accept the consequences of actions
  • Show respect for others, themselves, the community, and the world
  • Contribute to the community
  • Demonstrate integrity
  • Are lifelong learners