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Principal's Message

Hello Tiger families and supporters!


Welcome to what already is starting to feel like the end of the school year! As we move through the second semester I have had time to reflect on how hopeful Spring can make anyone feel. I hope for warm weather as well as deep spring rains to get us through the summer and keep our beautiful campus green. I am hopeful for a sports season as gratifying as the last one, watching our boys’ and girls’ basketball teams defeat one rival after another as they made their well-deserved bids for the championships. We had an excellent sports season over the winter showing us what a quality athletics program South Pasadena High School can provide our kids and we are looking to repeat those same victories that we have been seeing all year, going all the way back to the Fall, as we begin spring competition on the fields, courts, and pools in the area all around us.


I’m hopeful that the school, the community, and the world at large can begin to return to a semblance of normalcy because that is what students need in order to feel safe and successful. We have had our challenges with COVID since the school year began, and like all schools around the country, weathered a spike of positive cases after we returned from winter break. But through our diligence and perseverance we have now made it through to what is starting to feel like the other side of the last two years. Students and staff continue to remain safe and diligent as we approach yet another change in how we manage Covid on campus. Though masks will slowly be coming off we never lose sight of the fact that we want to maintain safety and dignity for all in the face of this terrible pandemic. It is that behavior and those qualities that display the true character of South Pasadena High School students, staff, and faculty.


Finally, we have had a few long weekends since the winter break as well as a full day of professional development which provide us with both hope and renewed positive energy as we move into the testing season and start pulling together all the knowledge that students have learned this year. CAASPP state testing, the critical California Healthy Kids Survey, as well as AP testing are all just around the corner. After that it will be a mad dash to put together our final assemblies for dance and instrumental students as well as the highly anticipated spring musical Shrek! Prom is also on the horizon and that means, of course, graduation. This hopefulness and perseverance are as much as part of the fabric of life here at SPHS as the academics, sports, and the arts. And it’s that perseverance coupled with courage in the face of what can seem like an unending way of life that will carry us through the final stretch of this school year and into the next. Tiger pride and effort never flags and this year so far has proven that to still be as true as ever.