South Pasadena High School


8/6/2020 Update:  Please look at the proposed CIF seasons calendar here.  All sports fall in either "Fall" or "Spring" seasons that begin in December and March respectively.  Try-outs and practices are TBD.
9/23/2020 Update:  Athletic Clearance is now completely online.  Prior to any in-person practice, if any, student-athletes must be cleared through athletic clearance with a proper physical exam by a medical professional. We will be using Healthy Roster instead of this year, which will transition us to a more modern platform that also allows families to keep track of the progress and treatments that our athletic training staff has provided. Additionally, there will be a streamlined platform for communication of how we can keep our student-athletes as healthy as possible.
12/2/2020 Update: If you'd like to join a Season 1 Pod, which has begun since November, you will need to contact the Athletic Director Anthony Chan at
1/4/2021 Update: Athletic Training and Conditioning is postponed at least until 1/19/2021
Current Season 2 Pod Start Dates: (Not all teams are starting at the same time -- if yours is unlisted, it does not have a finalized start date planned): Please contact coaches in the coaching directory (with your non email) with questions about start dates and being on a pod.
Additionally, no student should be in more than one pod. This compromises the structure of pod training under Covid Guidelines. Additionally, for 2020-2021 it is heavily discouraged to play in more than one sport in one season, should Covid restrictions be lifted and we play matches and have full practices. Only Upperclassmen (Juniors, Seniors) should request to play in two sports at once by emailing both coaches and the athletic director. Since our competitive levels of athletics require practice and planning, it is difficult to continue to teach and plan if students only play matches and rarely practice. Please inquire with the Athletic Director if this is an issue.
Season 2 Start Dates: (Please email the coach with a non-spusd email to confirm you are in their pods for pod training and conditioning)
December 4th : Boys Basketball
December 7th : Boys/Girls Tennis for Lower Levels Training
December 8th: Girls Basketball
December 10th: Softball
December 11th: Track & Field

Please remember these items prior to arrival:

This should be done daily, prior to arrival to expedite the check-in process.  Please bookmark this link: Check-In if Practice is @ SPHS


Things to have remember for practice:

  1. Remember to do your  Check-In to SPHS or Check-In to SPMS prior to arrival.  Bring your phone to show the green check mark, or you can print it out.  This is to be done daily.
  2. No parents or spectators are allowed in the facilities.
  3. Please have more than an ample supply of water, my suggestion is at least 40 ounces of water.  We are not allowing the use of the drinking fountains, but we will have an emergency bottle refill with our Certified Athletic Trainer, Julius Murphy.
  4. Students must arrive and wear a face covering at all times.  
  5. Please pack minimally
  6. Pick-up and drop-off locations for the High School stadium are on Meridian, so please have a plan in place and be courteous of our neighbors.
  7. Pick-up and drop-off locations are on Bank Street for the Middle School Fields.
  8. The aquatics facility will be dropping off from Diamond Ave. going into the Meridian alleyway, as it is a one-way alley.  Pick-up will be on Diamond Ave.  Please have a plan in place and be courteous of our neighbors.
  9. There are no indoor facilities other than restrooms which will be for single occupancy.
Athletic Director's Message:
Welcome to South Pasadena High School Athletics!  
I am excited to be your Athletic Director for the 2020-2021 school year.  I have been teaching at South Pasadena High School since 2013 and grew up just down the street in Temple City, where I went K-12.  I am no stranger to the league, where I competed in Football and Track & Field, and then I coached these two sports while teaching at SPHS.  I believe in the well-rounded experience that a comprehensive high-school like South Pasadena can provide - encouraging students to be actively involved in and out of the classroom.  I also serve as the Junior Class Advisor, helping the Junior Class fund-raise and organize major events like the Homecoming Dance, PowerPuff Juniors vs. Senior Football, and Prom. It is my goal that every student participates in someway to round their experience here at South Pasadena. 
Feel free to contact me at for any questions regarding our athletic programs.
If you need to contact our Certified Athletic Trainer, Julius Murphy, please email him at
South Pasadena Athletics offers varsity team participation in 14 CIF sanctioned sports. The total number of student-athlete participants was 812 in 2019-2020, with duplicates for multi-sport athletes. 
SPHS Athletics is dedicated to developing student-athletes to compete in interscholastic competition, demonstrating the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and responsible behavior.  We believe that athletics play an integral role in the mental and physical development of young adults.  To help with this endeavor, SPHS Athletics will continue its partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance to provide workshops for our student athletes, coaches, and parents.  The main goal of the partnership is to help SPHS continue to develop a healthy mix of competitive athletics while maintaining high standards of sportsmanship.  We recognize that every athletic event involves students, coaches, and parents.  With this in mind, workshops have been scheduled to provide common expectations for these three groups. 

We are committed to providing our students the best possible athletic environment, from experienced and dedicated coaches and trainers to excellent athletic facilities and equipment. We invite parents and students to experience first-hand our dedication to high school athletics by attending one of the many competitions that we host on campus. See the Athletics Calendar for a list of upcoming games and matches.





                           Student Participation By Athletic Program 

Team 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
Boys Cross Country 56 49 51 46 53 50
Girls Cross Country 40 26 27 31 24 26
Football 84 83 87 73 63 31
Girls Golf 17 11 12 9 11 12
Girls Tennis 23 22 27 26 22 26
Girls Volleyball 35 37 48 38 46 42
Boys Water Polo 29 28 31 29 38 37
Boys Basketball 35 33 35 41 40 37
Girls Basketball 20 15 20 21 24 26
Boys Soccer 43 35 48 54 52 51
Girls Soccer 40 45 58 52 48 38
Girls Water Polo 23 27 27 26 26 16
Boys Wrestling 35 28 16 35 28 19
Girls Wrestling 4 4 4 4 4 2
Badminton 32 24 21 24 22 28
Baseball 36 36 31 32 37 41
Boys Golf 9 11 14 10 13 16
Softball 35 31 28 25 22 28
Boys Swimming 36 26 34 48 51 51
Girls Swimming 27 30 38 31 33 32
Boys Tennis 33 32 31 24 19 22
Boys Track & Field 79 91 49 52 64 81
Girls Track & Field 76 68 47 56 55 67
Boys Volleyball 26 23 28 32 37 33
Total 873 815 812 819 832 812