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Athletic Participation & Registration

All of our athletic clearance, starting in July of 2022 will be done through

Parents/Guardians will simply need to create an account, and then register the student-athlete under South Pasadena High School and the team that they are rostered.

Please view this video on how to create an account, register, and fill out all the forms.  All Physical Exams will also be uploaded on  Physical Exams last for one calendar year.  For Physical Exams, we can accept MD, DO, PA, or CNP approvals.  We cannot accept DC, RN, DPT, or others. Please ensure that there is a proper signature as well as a stamp from the medical office. Should you have any questions, please email Athletic Director CB Richards at [email protected]


If you need a blank physical exam form to bring to your doctor's office, please click here.



If you'd like to receive updates on injury tracking, we will be using Healthy Roster, with information and invitations listed below.  If you have any questions, please email Athletic Trainer Mike Lee at [email protected]

Here are tutorials of how to get started on Healthy Roster:

How to select the team you want to participate in:


Please ensure that all information you submit is correct.  An incorrect Parent/Guardian/Emergency Contact email will not allow us to send an invitation to upload your clearance. You will need to resubmit for multiple athletes.  Additional Parent/Guardians/Emergency Contacts can be added after you have been invited to the Healthy Roster platform.   Do not use emails for the parent emails as the invitation gets blocked and please check spam if you use Thanks!