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Athletic Participation & Registration

Directions on How to Create a Healthy Roster Account and become cleared to participate in SPHS Athletics

Directions on Adding a Team so you will be viewable by Coaches.  If you are not on the correct team, you will not be allowed to participate!

We no longer do clearances through hard copy.  All Physical Exams and Clearance must be done online.  Student-athletes must get physical exams from their primary care physician prior to meeting for any practices, should we have them.  It is a good practice to get a yearly physical.  On the bottom of this page, there is a blank physical exam form to take to a doctor.  We can accept MD, DO, PA, or CNP approvals.  We cannot accept DC, RN, DPT, or others. Please ensure that there is a proper signature as well as a stamp from the medical office. Should you have any questions, please email Athletic Director Anthony Chan at 

All athletic clearances are processed through Healthy Roster.  All documents and physical uploads will be received there.  To begin your clearance, you will submit information below and wait 1 to 2 business days to receive an email with information to create your account.  This new platform allows student-athletes, families, and our athletic staff to keep logs on treatment and care given to our student-athletes on a daily basis. 

If you need a blank physical exam form, there is a link attached on the bottom of this page.

Here are tutorials of how to get started on Healthy Roster:

How to select the team you want to participate in:


Please ensure that all information you submit is correct.  An incorrect Parent/Guardian/Emergency Contact email will not allow us to send an invitation to upload your clearance. You will need to resubmit for multiple athletes.  Additional Parent/Guardians/Emergency Contacts can be added after you have been invited to the Healthy Roster platform.   Do not use emails for the parent emails as the invitation gets blocked and please check spam if you use Thanks!


If you have any questions, please email Athletic Director Anthony Chan at .