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All absences must be verified with a note that is written and signed by a parent or guardian or an email to the Attendance Clerk from your parent email address on file. This must be done the day after the absence and submitted to the Attendance Office.

SPHS is a closed campus, meaning no student can leave during the school day without prior authorization. Aside from the senior privilege cards, a student who needs to leave during the day must bring a note from his/her parent/guardian stating the time of the day student must leave; reason for leaving; and expected time of return. Upon re-entering school, the student presents and signed and/or Dr. stamp on the off-campus permit to the Attendance window to receive an admit form.

An accumulation of five lates/tardies per month will result in a Saturday School. Saturday School will be assigned on a monthly basis, truant letters will be mailed home. 

Each student is responsible for obtaining an admit/grounds permit (off-campus pass) and make-up work. The Attendance Office has an open-door policy and all students are encouraged to get a copy of their attendance.

If you need to contact the Attendance Office please do so at or (626) 441-5820 Ext. 2909