Career Technical Education (CTE)

Welcome to Career Technology Education, also known as CTE. This is a state-funded program that provides career and technical preparation to meet identified industry needs and standards. Experiences gained may assist students in choosing majors and enhance college admission applications. In addition to providing the skills, students gain experience needed for employment and participate in courses that offer opportunities for hands-on training. You will find descriptions of all of our classes below and be sure to check out the many accomplishments of our CTE students in student created newsletters.
The SPHS Internship Program gives juniors and seniors the opportunity to explore various careers and further their professional growth.  Offering hands-on experience, including a competitive job placement process, internships with local businesses offer opportunities to practice critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills.  This class requires completion of two pre-requisite workshops and all specified forms before students may apply for existing internships.  Due to the offsite component of this class, prospective students must be responsible, reliable, and have an excellent attendance record with no disciplinary history. Internships may be repeated for additional credit – the workshops only need to be completed once.
All CTE classes can be taken for Practical Art Credit and many can be used for Fine Art Credit, UC/CSU "F" credit and now G credit.  See your counselor for details.