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Reference & Research

Reference databases are by subscription, meaning the school pays a fee to use them. Stop by the library to get the username and password to obtain access from any computer with an Internet connection. 
Click on logo to login.
Access all our ProQuest subscriptions from one page. SIRS Knowledge Source, eLibrary Curriculum Edition, History Study Center, ProQuest Learning: Literature
ABC-CLIO offers a wealth of social science materials. Databases include: American Government, American History, Daily Life Through History, Issues, Modern Genocide, Pop Culture Universe, The African American Experience, The American Indian Experience, The Latino American Experience, United States Geography, World At War, World Geography, World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras, World History: The Modern Era, and World Religions.
Presents a broad range of scientific disciplines through extensive essays, videos, diagrams, definitions, biographies, and experiments.
Science in Context features authoritative information for assignments and projects, and provides detailed coverage of popular subjects. From earth science and life science, to space, technology, mathematics and science history and biography, this revolutionary, curriculum-oriented online experience is designed to boost achievement for students and researchers.

Wikipedia is great for quick background information, but because articles are cooperatively written and usually anonymous, it is not considered a research tool. Use Britannica for research and inclusion in works cited lists.
The New York Times is available from the school only. No log in is necessary in order to browse on campus. You may register on the website if you would like to save articles. Once articles are saved, you are able to access them off-site.