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September 2020


Dear Freshmen Parents/Guardians:                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Welcome class of 2024!  The counselors would like to extend their best wishes for a safe and healthy year during this unprecedented time. We are excited to help your child begin his/her/they first steps toward a successful high school career, so that he/she/they will be able to actively participate in school activities, take on leadership roles and reach his/her/they academic goals. Successful students tend to work in study groups, write down their assignments, and organize their time successfully. With block scheduling, the key to success is completing assignments the same day the class meets, not waiting until the night before the assignment is due. Please encourage your child to continue to use these techniques to achieve academic success.  In addition, parents can access the parent portal at to track student academic progress and attendance as well.


Last week, counselors, along with the administrators, met virtually with 9th grade students in study halls to introduce freshmen to SPHS. Topics such as how to contact assigned counselor, and access school information was discussed. Ms. Anderson, Mrs. Wichman, and Mr. Speck explained their many job duties at the high school and encouraged students to join clubs, seek support for academics, and make the next four years memorable! 


Students are encouraged to reach out to their counselors through email as well as make an appointment for a Goggle Hangout for concerns that may need a longer period of time. Pertinent information is also on our school website under the counseling link and on Instagram @sphscounselingdept.


Later in the school year, counselors will be visiting 9th grade study halls to introduce them to Naviance, a web-based resource that streamlines the college and career planning and advising system for our students. By actively engaging students and parents, counselors work together in guiding families to make timely and relevant educational decisions. Each of our students will create a personalized success plan that connects their learning to meaningful personal goals. They will also have the ability to research post-secondary and career opportunities, track the college application from start to finish, and learn about scholarships and financial aid. Parents will be given the opportunity to register for Naviance accounts that can be accessed from any computer location at any time of day to view your child’s college/career/guidance activities information after the introduction with the students.  Many key pieces of information will be emailed through Naviance in the next four years, so please let us know if your email changes.


The counselors are here to support your child and you throughout his/her/they high school years working collaboratively to help each student reach his/her/their true academic goals and aspirations.




The SPHS Counseling Department     

Ms. Cazares, Ms. Chelko, Ms. Garcia, Ms. Ishimaru, and Ms. Ng


Counseling Office: (626) 441-5820 ext. 2994, Patty Dominique, counseling clerk