SPHS Wins Third Place in California Academic Decathlon

Congratulations to the SPHS Academic Decathlon Team for placing third in California state competition. It’s an amazing feat for all the participants and their coach, Oliver Valcorza. The team became the first non-charter school to reach a score higher than 53,500 points in the entire history of Academic Decathlon. The team scored 59,007.1, including the Super Quiz Relay. This phenomenal team brought home 41 medals – a medal in every single category. Go Tigers!

Here are the individual results:

  • Steven ChinGold(Top SPHS Decathlete), Silver (Art, Literature, Math, Science and Social Science) Bronze (Music and team)
  • Adam HamdenSilver(Essay, and Math) Bronze (Social Science and team)
  • Allison OuBronze (Art, Math, Science, Speech, and team)
  • Thomas SawanoSilver(Econ, Math, Music, and Science), Bronze (team)
  • Dexter HawesGold (Interview), Silver(Essay), Bronze (Science and team)
  • Ryan JeongGold(Essay), Silver (Math), Bronze (Science and team)
  • Grace GoldmanSilver (Interview and Speech), Bronze (Essay, Science, Social Science and team)
  • Danny SafaouiSilver(Social Science), Bronze (team) 
  • Zane AtkinsonBronze(team) 
  • Timothy AnBronze(team)
  • Oliver ValcorzaBronze(team) 

For more information, contact: South Pasadena Unified School District, Office of the Superintendent, [email protected]