Activist Natalie Warne Inspires SPHS Students During Tiger Reads Assembly

SPHS students participated in the first annual “Tiger Reads” assembly on Friday, September 8, 2017, also National Literacy Day.  Civil rights activist and motivational speaker, Natalie Warne, spoke to two groups of students during the assemblies – the first group included freshmen and sophomores; the second group included juniors and seniors. Warne’s speech focused on tangible ways that young people may make an impact in the world and shared social justice themes that were similar to the “Tiger Reads” summer reading books -- Just Mercy by Brian Stevenson and the graphic novel March III, by John Lewis.

The new “Tiger Reads” program, spearheaded by teacher Mark Afram and librarian Shelee Wilkerson, allows students and teachers across all grades and subjects to use the selected books within their curricula. Thank you to SPEF for providing funds in support of the “Tiger Reads” program!