SPHS Peer Mediators Share Student Self-Care Reminders

During a busy, mid-week lunch at the high school, the SPHS Peer Mediators encouraged fellow students to stop by a table outside the counseling center for a pom pom making activity. Designed as a quick mindfulness exercise, the activity also reminds students about the importance of caring for one's well-being. 

The Peer Mediators Health and Wellness Subcommittee, which organized the lunchtime activity, is one of the three subcommittees within the SPHS Mediators. The other two are the Zine Subcommittee, which regularly publishes a zine with student work and resources around a theme, and the Social Justice Subcommittee which shares information, resources, and hosts events around issues of social justice that impact students at SPHS. 

The SPHS Mediators are currently recruiting for new members for the 2024-2025 academic year. If an SPHS student at any grade level is interested in being a part of the SPHS Mediators, they can reach out to Will Hoadley-Brill ([email protected]) or Rama Kadri ([email protected]). 

Go, Tigers!
For more information, contact: South Pasadena Unified School District, [email protected].