South Pasadena High School

Students Recognized at 2019 EFTA Exhibition

Congratulations to South Pasadena High School's award winners and exhibitors in the juried 2019 "Expressing Feelings Through Art" (EFTA) contest sponsored by Light Bringer Project. Elaine Gong won second place for her artwork titled, “Vegetarians’ Perspective.” David Perez Espinosa won third place for his artwork, and Julianne Wong and Jewel Nguyen both won Honorable Mention awards. Katelyn Hernandez won a free summer class at Art Center.

The EFTA program seeks to provide high school students with an opportunity to explore their personal feelings, strengthen their creative voices, and to acknowledge their success in a community setting. The exhibition and awards ceremony was held Sunday, May 19, at the Art Center South Campus. Go Tigers!

Teacher: Rouzanna Berberian

Jewel Nguyen, Alone, But Not Lonely (HONORABLE MENTION)

Katelyn Hernandez, Glimpse (ART CENTER SUMMER CLASS)

Isabela Salazar, Los Campesinos

Lynnette Choi, Co-Exist 

Frances Lee, Hidden Hope

Audrey Biggar, Reflecting Mirrors

Teacher: Aimee Levie-Hultman

Yiling (Elaine) Gong, Vegetarians' Perspective (2ND PLACE)

David Perez Espinosa, Ye Shall Look (3RD PLACE)

Yijie (Eric) Lin, Tiger Cub

Olivia Johnson, Big Boy

Ashlyn Kawakami, Minor Inconvenience

Chloe Rufus, The Woman

Julianne Wong, Pool of Opportunity (HONORABLE MENTION)

Ha Yang (Sarah) Yang, A Faded Memory 

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