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Bright Star Cast list

thank you to all who came out. Cast list is attached. If you don't see your name, I have emailed you separately. 
Created by Nick Hoffa: Friday, January 26 3:43 PM



Reminder that this is for Large Speaking roles (there are really talented people not getting callbacks). Will have more full cast info the week of Jan 22nd.
Read the "Callbacks for Large Speaking Roles_Bright Star" doc - it is linked here and attached below. the schedule for those days is here and has also been emailed to you
Acting sides are for the callback are attached here, but the Vocal sides and accompaniment music is linked to inside the "Callbacks for Large Speaking Roles."
Created by Nick Hoffa: Wednesday, January 17 10:03 AM


Bright Star Audition

Everything you need to audition is below.
  1. Read the info sheet
  2. Sign-up for a vocal time slot for Jan 10 or 11
  3. Come to the dance / choreo audition on Jan 12
  4. Prepare over Winter Break
Created by Nick Hoffa: Monday, December 11 6:00 AM