TRAP by Stephen Gregg: SPHS FALL PLAY Assignments

Mr. Nick Hoffa
2023-2024 School Year
CTE/Practical Arts
Cast list is posted. If you do not see your name, please check your email and make an appointment to come talk to me. This was VERY challenging as we had the most people audition we have ever had for the fall play. 


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Read the callback info sheet for details. Callbacks are this Wednesday, Sept 6th afterschool. You have been assigned to one of two groups.
Created by Nick Hoffa: Monday, September 4 2:56 PM



Audition material - PREPARE ONE MONOLOGUE AND ONE SCENE. Your choice, but please choose one character who is scared/freaked/panicked and one who is not. The monologues and scenes have options for both scared/non-scared. 

  • Info sheets and sign-up forms to fill out are on the general TRAP page you just came from. Go back there if you didn't see them before coming here.
  • Prepare! While you may have the script in your hand during auditions, you should know the scene. Don’t read the material for the first time at auditions. Keep your head out of the page and look at your scene partner. Casting choices happen for many reasons, but one is being on-time and prepared. “Is this the kind of person who is going to take rehearsal seriously?” is a question that is answered at the audition.
  • On the day of the audition, come to the Little Theater at your assigned time. You will be checked in by Drama Club officers or Producers and will be paired with another actor for the scene you chose. While your slot is 30 minutes, you should be prepared to stay an hour in case we are running a little late.
  • GENDERS for TRAP…do not matter. All parts can be played in any combination. We will cast the right actors for the roles and figure out the rest. So for the audition, read and prepare any part you like.
Created by Nick Hoffa: Sunday, August 20 5:19 PM