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Recap: Work Undertaken; Materials Provided/2017-2018

AP Lit. Scholars: 
Just wanted to point out what you've done so far, to your hard-earned credit. 
As of 6/3 you have:
-Read The Catcher in the Rye, Just Mercy, personal selection-Fiction/MId-20th Century; Memoir/21st Century
-Submitted Summer Reading/Dialectical Journal (The Catcher in the Rye, personal selection)
-Taken 55-Question AP Multiple-Choice exam
-Explicated "The Red Wheelbarrow" (Williams)-Poetry/20th Century
-Read, annotated, and discussed the scholarly essay "Memories of Holden Caulfield-and of Miss Greenwood" (Freedman)
-Read and annotated the scholarly essay "How Does a Poem Mean" (Ciardi)       -Written AP Essay re "Mayor of Casterbridge" (Hardy) (timed)-Fiction/19th Century
-Submitted Reader-Response Log re chapters 1-8 of Frankenstein
-Discussed Literary Elements/Techniques re Reader-Response Log/Frankenstein(Shelley)-Fiction/19th Century
-Explicated "Out, Out..." (Frost)-Poetry/20th Century
-Discussed the importance of "defamiliarization" in the context of art-particularly 

 poetry (Why Poetry)
-Submitted essay re 3 literary elements employed in chapters 1-8 of Frankenstein
-Deconstructed the prompt from The Mayor of Casterbridge essay
-Did an In-Class written response to 5 brief "We Are Seven" prompts-Poetry/late 18th Century
-Reviewed, in class, Student Essays, a Rubric and Scorer's Comments re The Mayor of Casterbridge 
-Composed responses to prompts re "The Bistro Styx"(Dove) and "The Pomegranate" (Boland)-Poetry/Mid 20th Century
-Explicated, in class, "The Bistro Styx" and "The Pomegranate"
-Reviewed Compare and Contrast essay writing strategies
-Composed first and final draft of a Compare and Contrast essay re "Dulce et Decorum Est" (Owen) and "Old Soldier" (Simic)-Poetry/Early 20th Century; Early 21st Century
Peer-edited final draft of Compare and Contrast essay re "Dulce et Decorum Est" (Owen) and "Old Soldier" (Simic)
-Explicated (video) "Dulce et Decorum Est"; Reviewed and critiqued sample essay and Scorer's comments re AP prompt for "Dulce..." and "Old Soldier"
-Re-evaluated Peer Editing re AP essay ("Dulce..." and "Old Soldier")
-Discussed suggestions/expectations of AP readers
-Reviewed elements of Aristotle's dictates re "The Tragic Hero" and critic Frye's description of the tragic hero as a conductor of harm as well as a victim
-Composed an essay re the Tragic Hero in Frankenstein-Fiction/Early 19th Century 
Submitted Reader-Response Log re "Babylon Revisited" (Fitzgerald) and "The Dead" (Joyce)-Fiction/20th Century
-Had an In-class discussion re Literary Elements in "Babylon Revisited" and "The Dead"
-Composed responses to prompts re "Babylon Revisited" and "The Dead"
-Written a Timed-Write AP essay re "Babylon Revisited"/"The Dead" or Frankenstein in terms of The Tragic Hero
-Taken a timed AP multiple-choice exam
-Reviewed, in depth, answers to an AP multiple-choice exam (deconstructing passage from Henry IV, an essay by Ralph Ellison and a poem by Dylan Thomas)-Drama/Late 16th Century; Fiction/20th Century; Poetry/20th Century
-Read and annotated Fences-Drama/20th Century
Worked as groups deconstructing Fences in terms of literary elements and literary analysis
-Presented, as groups, responses to Prompts  re Fences
-Individually assessed group presentations re Fences
-Taken an exam re Literary Elements: Voice, Mood, Tone, Theme, Point of View and Characterization
-Explicated, analyzed literary elements (allusion, figurative language, metaphor, imagery, simile, symbol), and discussed structure (Petrarchan Sonnet)  re Keats' "On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer"-Poetry/Early 19th Century
-Explicated, in class, Julia Alvarez' "First Muse"-Poetry/20th Century 
-Taken a timed vocabulary/narrative exam
-Performed and reviewed in class "Exercise on Terms Used in Essay Instructions"-Allusion, Figurative Language, Imagery, Irony, Metaphor, Simile, Symbolism
-Read and Annotated The Metamorphosis-Fiction/20th Century
-Written a Timed-Write AP Essay re The Metamorphosis
-Explicated (via worksheet and class discussion) "Break, break, break" (Tennyson) and "To His Coy Mistress" (Marvell)-Poetry/19th Century; 17th Century 
-Written a Timed-Write AP Essay re The Beet Queen-(Erdrich)-Fiction/20th Century
Written a Timed-Write AP Essay re "On the Subway" (Olds)-Poetry/20th Century
-Read and Annotated Bartleby the Scrivener (Melville)-Fiction/19th Century
Analyzed themes and thematic topics in The Metamorphosis, an AP Essay re The Metamorphosis, rubric and scorer's comments
-Reviewed, as class and individually, materials identified as comprising the Final Exam-Fall
-Reviewed Do's and Don'ts re AP Essay Writing (per handout)
-Class discussion devoted to essay "How Does a Poem Mean?" (Ciardi)-in particular, reviewed means of "experiencing" "When I Have Fears that I May Cease to Be" (Keats) and "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" (Frost)-Poetry/19th Century; 20th Century
-Taken Timed AP Multiple-Choice Exam and Reviewed Answers
--Review included analysis of the following: "Sonnet 60" (Shakespeare)-Poetry/Early 17th Century; passage from Portrait of a Lady (James)-Fiction/19th Century; section of "Andrea del Sarto" (Browning)-Poetry/19th Century; "The Race" (Olds)-Poetry/20th Century; passage from Olive Kitteridge (Strout)-Fiction/21st Century
-Taken Timed AP Multiple-Choice Exam and Reviewed Answers
--Review included analysis of the following: passage from The House of Mirth (Wharton)-Fiction/Early 20th Century; "Another Letter to Her Husband, Absent Upon Public Employment" (Bradstreet)-Poetry/17th Century; passage from "Corn-Pone Opinions" (Twain)-Essay/19th Century
-Deconstructed prompt from "The Beet Queen," discussed approach to Response Essay, Reviewed Scorer's Rubric and Sample Scored Essays and Compared your response to samples
-Engaged in class deconstruction of AP Prompts (Prose, Poetry, Open-Ended)
-Prepared a journal re Ethan Frome addressing the following: “Is Ethan’s story a personal tragedy born of his indecision and personal failures, a social tragedy forecast by the oppressive New England setting, or both?”
-Composed a Timed-Write Essay to AP Open-Ended Prompt re Ethan Frome
-Group-Analyzed the following poems and submitted consensus re meaning and actual content: "Much Madness is divinest Sense" (Dickinson)-Poetry/19th Century; "Her Kind" (Sexton)-Poetry/20th Century; "anyone lived in a pretty how town" (Cummings)-Poetry/20th Century; "An Epitaph" (Prior)-Poetry/Late 17th/Early 18th Century; "The Unknown Citizen" (Auden)-Poetry/20th Century; and "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" (Eliot)-Poetry/20th Century
-Worked as groups to explicate and present analysis of "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," with each of 3 groups responsible for designated lines, one group responsible for the epigraph and one group responsible for a debate amongst literary critics re interpretation of the poem
-Written a Timed-Write AP Essay re "XIV" (Walcott)-Poetry/20th Century
Peer-Edited, with Rubric, Essay re "XIV" (Walcott)
-Commenced Reading Hamlet (Shakespeare)-Drama/Early 17th Century
-Composed and Submitted a "Thought Piece" for Hamlet-Act I, Scenes 1-3
-Composed and Submitted a "Thought Piece" for Hamlet-Act I, Scenes 4-5; Act II
-Created and Submitted profound line of inquiry re Hamlet-Act III
-Presented profound queries and conducted class discussions re Hamlet, Act III 
-Read and explicated "To George Sand: A Desire" and "To George Sand: A Recognition" (Elizabeth Barrett Browning)-Poetry/19th Century
-Written a Timed-Write response to the short story "55 Miles to the Gas Pump" (Proulx)-Fiction/21st Century
Deconstructed a sample response re "55 Miles to the Gas Pump" prompt
-Composed a Timed-Write essay re Hamlet's soliloquy from Act IV, scene iv
-Read, group-discussed, class-discussed "A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud," (as well as Modernism and Post Modernism) (Carson McCullers)-Fiction/Mid-20th Century
Composed a Timed-Write response to optional AP Open Question re Hamlet
-Taken a Timed AP Multiple-Choice exam and reviewed answers (Beginning with poem by Drayton)
Read Daisy Miller (James)-Fiction/late 19th Century
Composed a Timed-Write response to AP Open Question re Daisy Miller
Participated in class Multiple-Choice Exam via competitive groups, reviewed rationale for correct answers
-Essay/Literary Analysis-Film of The Red Badge of Courage


Handouts: You have received the following materials:

-All Above-Referenced Essays, Poems, Short Stories, Plays, Novellas and Novels*
*Occasionally, a text will be made available via a link posted on the Homework Page OR on the Home Page; if so, that status will be noted below.

-Essay "Memories of Holden Caulfield-and of Miss Greenwood" (Freedman)
-Essay "How Does a Poem Mean?" (Ciardi)
-Literary Elements: Commentary and Examples" (and supplemental Page 240): Voice, Mood, Tone, Theme, Point of View, Characterization 
-"Academic Language/Literary Terms" Glossary (Handout and link on Home Page)
-AP Multiple-Choice Exam with Correct Answers
-List of 181 Vocabulary Words (with definitions) (Groups I-XVIII)
-"Prose, Poetry and Open Prompts" (Sample prompts and commentary re deconstruction)
-Student Essays, Rubric and Scorer's Comments re AP The Mayor of Casterbridge prompt
-"Compare and Contrast Essay Writing"
-"Babylon Revisited" text
-"The Dead" text
-Annotation guide
-Rubric, Sample essays, Scorer's Comments re AP essay ("Dulce..." and "Old Soldier")
-"Peer-Edit Sheet for AP Literature Analysis"
-"What AP Readers Want to See"
-"Tragedy/Tragic Hero"
-Prompt with Northrop Frye's description of the Tragic Hero
Guided-Discussion Worksheet
-Reader-Response Log (link-Home Page)
-The Metamorphosis-Text
-Chapter 6-"The Poetry Essay"
-Chapter 9-"Comprehensive Review--Poetry"
-"Exercise re Terms Used in Essay Instructions"
-Bartleby the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street (link-Homework Page)
-Chapter 4-"The Multiple Choice Questions"
-Chapter 5-"The Prose Passage Essay"
-Chapter 8-"Comprehensive Review-Prose"
-AP Lit and Composition Rubric #1 (link-Home Page)
-AP Lit and Composition Rubric #2 (link-Home Page)
-AP Lit Notes/Potpourri (link-Home Page)
-Literary Periods (link-Home Page)
-AP Lit and Composition Close Reading Guide (link-Home Page)
-AP Lit and Composition Poetry and Prose Annotation Guide (link-Home Page)
-Copy of AP Essay re The Metamorphosis, Rubric and Scorer's Comments
-"Non-Negoitable Nuts-and-Bolts of Do's and Don'ts"
-2nd AP Multiple-Choice Exams with Correct Answers 
-Scorer's Rubric with Sample Scored Essays for "The Beet Queen" Prompt
-Literary analysis of "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock": the epigraph, the body of the poem and a literary debate
-Peer-Editing Template (link-Home Page) 
-Sample response to "55 Miles to the Gas Pump"
-15 typical "Open" AP prompts (used to write re Hamlet)
3d AP Multiple Choice exam with Correct Answers

Nice work...Kudos!


I could have sworn that there was an extremely eloquent welcome to all of you posted on this page. It was, as I recall, strikingly warm, clever and, well, something else that was equally ingratiating that now slips my mind.  
(Note: I am using the Oxford comma here ONLY because I wanted to reinforce that pause before the word "well." Otherwise, no comma.)
Meanwhile, this: Please always look at this page for information, templates, commentary, etc. that may or may not be duplicated on the Homework Page. 
For example: templates for the Reader-Response Log and the Guided-Discussion Worksheet are contained herein. Further, feel free to peruse the Recap posting if you would like to get a sense of the types of activities in which we engage in order to wrestle this course to its knees.