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AP Environmental science is a course focusing on the relationships between humans and the natural environment.  This course’s mission is to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to identify, analyze, and resolve environmental issues from an interdisciplinary perspective.  This course will stress scientific literacy through application of problem-solving skills while encouraging reflection in the social sciences to broaden student perception of our role in the environment  


Environmental science has come to mean a great many things to many different people and, as such, can cover a myriad of topics throughout a course of this nature. While this course explores many different topic areas, the following themes serve as a foundation for student expectations and instructional methodologies.

  • Interconnectedness: the Earth itself as one large interconnected system
  • Sustainability: the capacity for the environment functioning indefinitely without decline due to overuse
  • Energy conversions: the transformations of energy underline all ecological processes
  • Environmental challenges: problems often carry  additional social, cultural, and economic contexts
  • Human beings: how we affect/alter natural systems
  • Environmental science as a process: experimental analysis of our surroundings
Summer Assignments
Students entering the AP Environmental Science Classes f must view the link below 
Link to APES Summer Assignments:
Governor Brown's plea to the California Environmental Resources Board to pass Cap and Trade extension to 2030
10 minutes