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Summer Homework Assignments

Summer Homework Assignments for AP Government!
You are NOT assigned any written work to be turned in to class when we begin in the fall! Mainly, I want you to have a fun, interesting, relaxing, summer and return to school refreshed and ready to go! However, here are 2 tasks to get you started and thinking...
1) Please read the article entitled "Our Broken Constitution" attached below. Print it out and HIGHLIGHT interesting or new ideas/information directly on the article. You may also choose to take some notes on it (maybe make a bullet point list of interesting points and ideas!?). This is a long but (hopefully!) really interesting article, and it deals with issues that we will be discussing all year. I am asking you to read it now, however, because it is so long and it would be difficult to read as a homework assignment during the school year. Enjoy!
2) Watch, read and follow the news as much as you can all summer. There is a LOT going on and we will have our hands full once the school year begins!