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Welcome to the 2016 -2017 school year. Learning a foreign language is like building a house of cards: each level must be well established before one can add the next. Short daily study periods are more effective than one longer cram session. Language skills must be established in the long term memory where they can be retrieved throughout the years of language acquisition. If you would like information about your student's particular course, you may refer to the syllabus which I have attached to each individual class page.
Regular attendance is important. Students must be in class. The constant explanation, exercises, and drills of the classroom cannot be made up! Language textbooks are not designed for individual studies, but we do use them in class every day. Please be sure your child brings the book to class. There is a link to the audio versions of the French textbook on the class homework site.
Of course there might be days when your student will be unable to come to class. Please refer to the makeup policy attached to the class homework site if your child is absent.
I am very much looking forward to working with your student.
Sincerely, S. Medina

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