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如果你有任何問題或者需要幫助,請在even  Day到CC2找我。

Hello, every one

Welcome to my Chinese classes !

We will have fun in all our classes! We will focus on listening and speaking besides reading and writing.

Please regularly check this website for daily homework.

Please visit my other websites for projects. here is the link for the projects :

You are welcome to stop by my classroom CC2 for any question and help on even day only.

Ms Cheng



Recent Posts

SPCC Culture-Award-Flyer

Dear all students,
We are doing the Chinese Martial arts project video for SPCC Culture award as a team, so far the team leader is Timothy Johnson as coordinator, Michael Lee as the editor and Alex Ha as the designer, I will the advisor. 
So please let us know if you have any good pictures or video for this project. 
All the info needs to be emailed to us by end of Feb. 
Hopefully we could win the reward so we could do more project for our class. 
Thank you very much! 
Cheng Lao Shi 

Chinese Martial Arts project demonstration by masters Sky Patterson and Natasha Wang

Our annual Chinese martial arts project is funded by SPCC grant which has been implemented into our Chinese program curriculum. Students have been engaged in class learning through martial arts project. Through the project , students have learned about the spirit of Chinese martial arts and how it impacts Chinese people's life and the culture. This project is paperless. All the instructions are through the webquest link : Our school newspaper Tiger also report the demonstration and the project:
Master Sky Patterson and Natasha Wang got the reward from SPCC the second school year after I applied for our Chinese martial arts project. 
We are so excited to welcome them to my classroom next week! 
Dragon Tour to China sponsored by SPCC and its students club 
Registration deadline is Oct. 9th, 2018

Chinese new year celebration on Feb 11, 2018 中国 新年 庆祝活动

On Feb 11, 2018 a talented group of students art award winner from Beijing, China Remin University affiliated high school will come to perform at our middle school auditorium at 3pm on Feb 11. They are worldwide acclaimed performers. This is their 12th American tour, they have performed in France, Austria, Russia, Britain, Greece, Australia, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic. After the performance, at 4:30pm they would like to meet high school students. SPCC will provide free food at site of middle school. Welcome to meet this great group of performers! you will share your learning Chinese learning with them. Please join us to meet them in person!

Period 4 Chinese Martial arts project demonstration by guest masters

Please watch this great Chinese martial arts project demonstration video as your project resource.