South Pasadena High School



January 2019



Dear Freshmen Parents/Guardians:                                                                                                                  


The Class of 2022 is actively participating in school activities, taking on leadership roles, and reaching their academic goals. Successful students are working in study groups, using campus tutoring services, writing in their Tiger Guide, and organizing their time successfully to complete long-term assignments. With block scheduling, students agree that the key to success is completing assignments the same day the class meets, not waiting until the night before the assignment is due. Please encourage your student to continue to use these techniques to attain academic success.


In January, the counselors visited the 9th grade study hall classes to introduce them to Naviance, a web-based resource that streamlines the planning and advising system for our students to be successful in high school and beyond. Each of our students have begun to create a personalized success plan that connects their learning to meaningful personal goals and to research post-secondary and career opportunities. Freshmen took two surveys, a Learning Styles inventory and the “Do What You Are” personality profile, which is an assessment that helps students choose a career path suited toward his/her personality.  Please ask your child to show you the results of these inventories. Parents have the ability to register for individual Naviance accounts that can be accessed from any computer location at any time of day to view your child’s college/career/guidance activities information. 


In January/February, we will be assisting your child with programming (course selection for sophomore year). We will be working with the study hall classes again where we will present materials and information necessary for choosing classes. The counselors will be reviewing diploma and A-G requirements for admissions into a four-year college.  Students also will continue to create a plan for their next three years of high school and will meet individually with their counselor to discuss their plan. Thank you in advance for your assistance in helping your child with this process and for signing any necessary forms. Please make sure that your child has chosen classes carefully.


There are many resources in the Counseling and Career Center for summer opportunities, including study abroad programs and a variety of college programs for high school students.  This year’s summer programs are updated on the counseling link of the school website,, and on Naviance (under the College tab), Additionally, students may drop by the counseling office for more information about these summer programs and opportunities. Summer is also a good time to start community service hours by volunteering at a charitable or non-profit agency. Students are required to complete 45 hours to graduate.  Community service forms are located in  Student Services in the main office or they can be downloaded from the school’s website.


The counselors are here to support your child and you throughout his/her high school years working collaboratively to help each student reach their true academic goals and aspirations.



Warm regards,



Mrs. Cazares, Ms. Garcia, Ms. Ishimaru, Ms. Long, and Ms. Ng                                

The Counseling Staff of SPHS    

Counseling Office: (626) 441-5820 ext. 2994, Patty Dominique, counseling clerk


Below is the powerpoint that was presented to freshmen during study hall in January 2018.
Please review the powerpoint called "How Parents Can Help Their Children Succeed in School." It offers great strategies and tips for parents with children beginning their high school career.