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Welcome to senior year! We are excited to work with the seniors during this very important time in their lives and look forward to assisting them with their transition beyond high school.

We want to take this opportunity to share some important information about senior year.  We will be mailing home a graduation check to determine progress towards graduation. We will include a copy of each student’s transcript for your review and to assist with college applications.  Please review the Fall senior bulletin that outlines college application procedures and other important senior information.   

Teachers and counselors will be using Naviance to submit college recommendations, transcripts and other documents electronically to all colleges.  If the college does not accept electronic submission we will mail all documents. Your student must log on to Naviance and update all the data for their college applications.  We encourage you to review with your senior their college list and use Naviance to track the application process.

We will be holding UC, CSU, Independent college application and Community College workshops during the weeks of September 21-30.  Counselors are hosting a special Senior/Parent College Awareness Evening on September 24 at 7pm in the Auditorium. Counselors and college representatives will review the college application process and give updates.  Please review the Senior Bulletin for dates and times of all upcoming events (see link below).

  Students need to use the transcript they received  to ensure accuracy and avoid misrepresentation of grades when they fill out all their college applications.  November 30th is the application deadline for all UC and CSU campuses. College applications are available online and the websites provide virtual tours on how to fill-out the applications.   Counselors are available to help seniors with their applications, answer questions, review their college essays, and write letters of recommendations. These are required for the Independent Colleges and the Common Application.  We will interview each senior prior to writing our letter of recommendation and confirm that all the necessary documents are in order before they submit their college applications. Seniors will need to schedule an appointment with their counselor no later than November 3.

We have scheduled about100 college representatives to come visit SPHS to talk about their campus and meet our students. Calendars of these visits are posted on Naviance and announcements are made in Senior English classrooms, the Daily Bulletin, on Naviance, the facebook counseling page and the Counseling website.   Seniors should attend meetings of schools that interest them and introduce themselves to the representative. We will inform students/parents of college informational meetings/college fairs around our local area through Naviance emails and on the counseling facebook page.  

            Financial Aid and Scholarships for a college education is a primary concern for many parents.  The two SPHS-hosted financial aid workshops for parents are the most helpful and best-attended events of the year.  A Financial Aid expert from Occidental College will present the first workshop on October 21 at 7:00 PM in the Auditorium and the second workshop will be  January 13 at 7:00pm.  Discussion at the workshops will be on types of financial aid, FAFSA, Cal Grant, and CSS Profile, as well as scholarship opportunities.   The January workshop will explain the step by step process to file the FAFSA. Filing begins on January 1, 2016.

            You and your senior were asked to sign the Senior Graduation Policy relating to grades and attendance.  Please make sure that your child is attending all classes regularly and is passing all required classes.  Please do not block the school from your email or your telephone.  Parents can view their student’s attendance and grades on the Aeries Browser Interface (ABI).  Passing required courses, earning 220 credits, and completion of community service hours are all part of the graduation requirements.   Make sure Graduation Day, June 8, 2016, is circled on your calendar.  Remember, it is important to plan early, stay on track, and meet deadlines. 

We are very excited about the road ahead of us and we are looking forward to an exciting and successful school year for all of our students.             



The SPHS Counseling Staff


The Cal Grant application form will be distributed in Senior English classes tentatively in December 2015.  The Cal Grant is "free" money you may receive if you attend any California College or University.  We encourage all of you to apply for this grant, even though you may be thinking of attending school out of state.  Sometimes the student's family may suffer economic changes and cannot afford the out of state tutition.  It is a simple form: name, address, social security number and student and parent signature.  If you are already 18, you do not need your parent signature.  YOU MUST CLEARLY PRINT YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY.   If you do not have one, we have a different form for you to fill out.  If you have any questions, see your counselor.