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The University of California System

UC campuses are the only world-class public research universities for, by, and of California. These campuses are routinely ranked among the best in the world. UC students, faculty, staff and alumni exchange ideas, make advancements and unlock the secrets and mysteries of the universe every day. They engage with their local governments, serve California schools, protect the environment and push the boundaries of space. From all backgrounds, ethnicities and incomes, UC attracts the best and brightest. Undergraduates come from all over California, and they work hard to make it to college. In fact, over 40% of UC students come from low-income families. UC's faculty are the drivers behind innovations in biotechnology, computer science, art and architecture — and they bring that knowledge, that greatness, directly to the classroom.

UC At-a-Glance

  • 9 Undergraduate campuses
  • 5 medical centers
  • 3 national laboratories
  • 150 academic disciplines
  • 600 graduate degree programs
  • 233,000 students
  • 190,000 employees
  • 1.7 million living alumni
  • 60 Nobel laureates
  • 20,000 UC extension courses
  • 430,000 jobs supported
  • $46 billion contributed to California economy
  • Secures $7 in federal and private dollars for every $1 in research funding provided by the state of California

UC Admission Guidelines
  • Prefer online application submissions 
  • Does not require transcripts at the time of application. However, as part of an augmented or supplemental review, some students may receive special requests from a particular UC campus to supply a transcript - but this is the exception. If a student ultimately decides to attend a UC  campus, s/he will need to send a FINAL transcript (includes all 4 years of high school work, plus verification that the diploma has been earned)
  • For AP scores - the same policy applies as for transcripts.
  • Does NOT required a Letter of Recommendation, Secondary School Reports, Counselor Reports, or Mid-Year Reports. 
  • Requires that students send their SAT and/or ACT scores directly from the College Board or American College Testing Inc.
  • Does require two essays, known as "Personal Statements"
  • The UC application went live  August 1. The submission window is from November 1 to November 30.
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