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College Visits to SPHS

Most college reps will be visiting the SPHS campus in FALL semester, although a few do come to visit in spring semester. 

The College Rep Visitation Calendar is on Naviance. Most visits (not all) will occur the last 10 minutes of the period leading into brunch, the last 10 minutes of the period leading into lunch, or after school. You're responsible for any missed work.

The College Visit Pass is downloadable (see below for attachment). It is required that you bring this pass signed by your teacher before meeting with the college rep. Please give your teachers at least 24-hours notice that you'll be missing a portion of class. It is teacher-prerogative to allow you to go to the college visit or not. If you're unable to go, please see Ms. Long for information about the college. 

Check your Naviance frequently as more visits are added daily...

Instructions on attending a college rep visit

1) Log on to your Naviance Account (

2) Click on the "College" tab

3) Click on "View all upcoming visits"

4) Click on "sign up" to RSVP for the visit(s) you'd like to attend

5) Print out College Visit Pass  and have your teacher sign it 

6) Bring signed College Visit Pass to Counseling Center and a counselor will sign it as confirmation of your attendance. Bring back the counselor-signed college pass back to the teacher whose class you missed.

Please remember:

* Students must sign up for these visits through Naviance and present a pass to their teacher 24 hours in advance of the visit 

* Check this calendar often, as college reps are scheduling visits every day 

* All visits are in CC1 unless otherwise specified in Naviance