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Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year!


Dear Parents of Juniors, 

            Welcome back to the new school year! The junior year is often considered the most challenging and exciting year of high school. This is the time for students to make a personal commitment to do their best academically and to experience new extracurricular activities. 

            This year is about growth, with a focus on academics, so your student will appreciate all the support you can give him or her. With that in mind, you will find important programs, dates, and information that will help in your family’s planning for this year.

            We continue to make your son or daughter’s attendance, grades, progress reports, and transcript records available online. You may access this information through the Aeries Browser Interface (ABI) by going to and logging in using your ID and password. For account information or ABI troubleshooting, please contact the front office in the main office.

            Please also refer to the “Fridge-Friendly” school calendar you received at registration for upcoming school events and important dates to remember.


 The PSAT results are coming to SPHS!

    The PSAT (Preliminary SAT) paper results will be sent to SPHS on January 30th.  Juniors will be able to pick them up in the counseling office.  Please stay tuned for the exact date for pick up.  

SAT/ACT Information

All students applying to four year colleges and universities need to take the ACT with Writing and/or the SAT test. The most common time for juniors to take these tests is in the spring of the junior year. Test date and registration information for the SAT, can be found on Test date and registration information for the ACT can be found on Most colleges take both the SAT and/or ACT scores for admissions. Beginning with the Class of 2012, the UCs will no longer require students to take two SAT subject tests (unless specified for particular majors or programs). ACT tests should be taken with the writing portion. 

Fee Waivers are available.  Please see Ms. Wong in the main office if you feel that you qualify for one. 

College Representative Visits

            As a junior, your child can attend College Representative Visits in the Counseling and Career Center. During the fall months, many college representatives visit our campus to promote their colleges. These visits are posted on Naviance and are described in the bulletin. Students must sign up through Naviance at least 24 hours ahead of the speaking engagement with teacher permission (signed on a visitation pass). Visitation passes are required; students can download the College Rep Visitation pass from their Naviance account. One of the nicest features in Naviance includes a reminder email to the student when his or her college(s) of interest comes to our campus. This happens as long as the college(s) is listed in a student’s “Prospective Colleges” list. We encourage your students to input potential colleges to their list. On your parent Naviance account, you may also suggest individual colleges for your child to research. 

College events occurring off the SPHS campus are numerous.  These events are also promoted in Naviance under “College Visits” alongside the College representative visits to SPHS. Please check Naviance often to get the most up-to-date information. 


Naviance (

Naviance is a web-based resource that streamlines the planning and advising system for our students. It is a revolutionary tool that helps counselors, parents, and students become even more actively engaged in making educational decisions. Each of our students has the ability to create a personalized success plan that connects their learning to meaningful personal goals. Each student will have the ability to assess his/her learning styles, skills, and interests, research post-secondary and career opportunities, track the college application from start to finish, and learn about scholarships and financial aid. 


Naviance has become a very critical component to the counseling program. The expectation of each student is to utilize his or her account often; the ultimate purpose for this program is to assist each student in successfully reaching his or her post-secondary educational goals by graduation. The Naviance curriculum is very specific for each grade level. For junior year, the theme is COLLEGE RESEARCH. 

            The “Family Connection” component of Naviance has a wide array of services and content, and is quite user-friendly. Students and parents have individual Family Connection accounts that can be accessed from any computer location at any time of day. In order to disseminate important counseling information, Naviance and emails through Naviance are the main forms of counseling communication. In order to ensure the smooth delivery of Naviance services, please make sure we have the most up-to-date email account on record and that Naviance emails are not going into your spam filter. 

Most junior students have established their Naviance accounts already and hopefully are active users of the program. If you know your child does not have an established Naviance account, please have him or her request account help from the assigned Counselor. 

Counselors update and email messages from Naviance on a frequent basis, so all juniors are strongly encouraged to check their accounts on a consistent basis. Parents are also encouraged to utilize parent Naviance accounts as well. If you need assistance with your Naviance account or need help establishing one, please contact your child’s counselor. 


Junior Planning Calendar–Spring Semester

February 2016

    1 Identify the sources of college and        career information at your school.         Continue looking through Naviance,        guidance publications, college                  catalogs and guidebooks in CC1.

•2 Continue making a list of 10-15 colleges that you would like to attend and input them into your Naviance account under “Colleges I’m thinking about.

•3 Register to take the SAT or ACT for one of the spring tests.

• 4 Obtain dates and locations of college fairs and college informational nights in your local area (through Naviance)

•5 Attend RACC night on February 24th at 6:30 pm at SPHS. 

March 2016

•1 Register for and take the SAT or ACT sometime during the spring.  If not sure which test is right for you, try a mock test of either assessment given on March 19th at SPHS. 

   ( stay tuned for more info)

•2 Attend college fairs, open houses, and college area visits. 

•3 Talk with your counselor and parents about your choices for college. 

April 2016

•1 Continue looking into eligibility requirements for federal and private student loans, as well as grants and financial aid.  Websites include

•2 If you haven’t registered for the SAT or ACT please take the exam at least once in your junior spring semester.

•3 Visit a campus or two during spring break if you can.

•4 Continue to edit your college lists!


We are looking forward to an exciting and successful school year for our 11th grade students!