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PE Parents/Students

An Essential Discipline

Physical education is an integral part of the education program for all students. It teaches
students how their bodies move and how to perform a variety of physical activities. Students learn the health-related benefits of regular physical activity and the skills to adopt a
physically active, healthy lifestyle. The discipline also provides learning experiences that
meet the developmental needs of students. With high-quality physical education instruction, students become confident, independent, self-controlled, and resilient; develop positive social skills; set and strive for personal, achievable goals; learn to assume leadership;
cooperate with others; accept responsibility or their own behavior; and, ultimately, improve their academic performance.


For high school youths the three overarching content standards are as follows:
Standard 1: Students demonstrate knowledge of and competency in motor skills, movement patterns, and strategies needed to perform a variety of physical activities.
Standard 2: Students achieve a level of physical fitness for health and performance while demonstrating knowledge of fitness concepts, principles, and strategies.
Standard 3: Students demonstrate knowledge of psychological and sociological concepts, principles, and strategies that apply to the learning and performance of physical


Physical Education is a requirement by the state of California. In PE, students will be exposed to a variety of activities including, not limited to: aquatics, rhythms/dance, individual and dual style games and other cooperative games. We will be having class discussions about sports related topics: sports organizations, famous athletes, sportsmanship and many current events. The curriculum will be interlaced with the California Content Standards for Physical Education 9

As a general rule the progression of games and concepts will progress from easy to more difficult. Starting with simpler games and building on skills towards becoming more advanced and meeting the state content standards. We will integrate the common core standards that overlap in other academic subjects. 


  • 2 years/20 credits of Physical Education (PE) is a South Pasadena High School graduation requirement. 


All 9th grade students are required to be in PE in fall and spring semesters (may include Band, Color Guard, Pep, and/or Athletics).


At SOUTH PASADENA HIGH SCHOOL, we do not accept any form of bullying. Bullying includes intimidating, tormenting, browbeating, humiliating, terrorizing, oppressing and/or speaking threatening words to another. Teasing, taunting, unnecessary/obvious avoidance, antagonizing, and spreading rumors that cause a victim to be socially isolated through intentional exclusion, is also considered bullying. The key component of bullying is physical or psychological intimidation that occurs repeatedly over time to create an ongoing pattern of harassment and abuse. 

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