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Programming for the 17-18 School Year

Published April 20, 2017...


During programming this year, incoming tenth through twelfth grade students selected six courses.  The seventh course could either have been a study hall or one of the listed exemption courses below.  Some students, during programming told their counselor they desired an alternate course and that request  was retained.  When programming closed on May 31, 2017, we analyzed the course requests to make sure all students had requested their courses then identified courses that still had remaining room.


We have put a process in place for all students to request an alternate course.  An alternate course is a course that a tenth through twelfth grade  student desires to take the place of their study hall request.  The seventh course request can either be an exemption course or a course now listed on the alternate course list.


Please watch the programming powerpoint to review the requirements for SPHS 2017 - 2018 Programming and to fully understand the process on selecting an alternate course.



The powerpoint with a voiceover is uploaded below in addition to the list of open alternate courses.  (Alternate Courses)


The following items will assist with Programming (course selection) for the 17-18 school year: 
  • Programming Powerpoint Presentation for current SPHS 9th-11th Students (download below: revised)
  • 4-Year Plan (download below)
  • SPHS Course List (download below (revised to add new Science Course: Science Explorations))
  • 2017 - 2018 Curriculum Catalog - (download below) NOTE: may possibly change when the UC approves our current CTE courses in September
  • Career Technical Education (CTE) brief overview (download below)
  • 2017 - 2018 UC "a-g" Approved Courses (download below) NOTE: may possibly change when the UC approves our current CTE courses in September
  • SPHS Graduation Requirements compared to UC and CSU
NEW:  We have been working to create a graphic to represent all the different pathways available to students at SPHS.  Students are not required to stay within one pathway and may select courses in various pathways throughout their high school career.  This is a graphic to show the possibilities and where certain courses fall within a designated pathway.  (download below)
8th Grade Night Part 2, March 15, 2017
  • Programming Powerpoint Presentation to 8th grade Students (download below)
  • Science Projected Progressions (download below)
  • Math Projected Progressions (download below)